TEDx Organizer Applications 2019
Applications Close May 3rd
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Here is a description of every available position on the TEDx Organizational Team:
*Please note that all these positions are for a calendar year and end in April 2020. The organizers are also obligated to work during the summer break if needed. The Executive Producer, Secretary, and the Treasurer are also members of the TEDx executive board and are required to attend additional meetings besides the weekly meetings. All the other position holders and organization members are required to attend weekly or bi-weekly meetings.

-Executive Producer (Vice President)

The executive producer will lead all production and planning before and on the day of the event. They will oversee all of the roles happening on the day of the event related to content production, stage management, technology, and video. The Executive Producer who will also take the position of the Vice President of the organization and will work very closely with the President of the organization to plan and execute the event. The executive producer will also be one of four curators. They will be part of the speaker selection process and prepare them for the day of the event.

-Event Manager (Secretary)

This event manager takes care of most of the event’s day-of logistics and tasks beforehand, and is responsible for creating a “TEDx experience” for the guests. The event manager serves as the contact with the venue’s staff (volunteers), manage day-of event activities outside of the main stage, and is in charge of ticketing and registration needs.

-Sponsorship and Budget Manager (Treasurer)

The sponsorship and budget manager who is also the treasurer of the organization is responsible for contacting to various departments on campus as well as off-campus organization to raise money from sponsors for event expenses. The treasurer is also responsible for managing the event's finances as well as contacting with the Student Government Treasurer to request the organization's budget and complete all the purchases. This person should be someone who possibly not necessarily has experience with fundraising and development, since this is one of the most important components of the event planning process.

-Lead Designer

The Designer helps to create the event logo, theme graphics, website design, branding materials, booklets, posters and other aesthetic components of the event. Designer's work should fall under the event theme and requirements.

-Stage Designer

The person responsible for the fabrication of the stage decoration needed. They are assisted by the Lead Designer. This person is also in charge of budgeting and ordering the needed materials for the set designs.

-Communication and Marketing Director

The Communication and Marketing Director is responsible for creating and managing a strong online presence of the event, including website content, a blog and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Moreover, this person is also the organization's marketer responsible for promoting the event to the public.

-Video and Production Lead

This person has the important task of overseeing the video and production of the event – from managing audio and video needs, camera operators and the livestream of your event. Following the event they are also responsible for the editing the videos.

-Website Manager

The website manager is responsible for developing and managing the event's existing website. The website manager will be working with the designer and developers to create a website experience that is accessible and easily managed, since the team will likely be sharing updates with the community there.
By selecting the "I accept" button below I confirm that I have carefully read the above-mentioned descriptions and fully understood my responsibilities for the event. I also understand that the Lead organizer of the event reserves the right to assign additional tasks to any of the event organizers as needed. *
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By submitting this application, I promise to uphold the standards of this organization and put in the time, effort and dedication required. I understand that if I am chosen for a certain position, I will be required to fulfill it until after all the responsibilities are met and the tasks are completed. *
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