Student Sign TAKEOVER
TAKE OVER the School Sign!!!

Below are some prompts to guide your creativity!

We will select student responses randomly to go up on the sign. When selected the students quote/ First name and last initial will go up on the sign for all to see! We highly encourage you to find time to take a picture next to the sign if you are selected.

We also love to share our awesome students, if you do take a picture send it into Mr. Gomez ( for him to Tweet out so it gets featured on our school web page!

Answer as many or as few as you would like.

*Limited Sign space so really choose your words carefully! The shorter the better!
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Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
This year I hope to learn about....
When I come to Cypress everyday, I know....
In 5 words describe Cypress...
What I want people to know about my school is....
Cypress is a place where....
The best thing about Cypress is....
FREE SPACE * Use this space to put in anything you want, a favorite quote, a favorite memory, this is your chance to share whatever you would like.
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