Farmhouse Music Development Studios

Farmhouse Music Development Studios is a music development campus in Vernon BC. The facilities will all be available based on an affordable monthly membership. The vision is to facilitate career and personal growth in the creative community by equipping and empowering artists, groups and professionals with the facilities and resources they need to reach the next level.

You input is much appreciated as we build out this project. Farmhouse wants to meet your needs as you create your music. Please advise on which kinds of services and facilities are meaningful to you. 

This survey will be used as market research to help build and launch Farmhouse Music Development Studios, For more information visit the project page

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Do you think our music community would benefit from a music campus where artists and professionals could come together to create music to build their portfolios and careers? Could it have an impact on our music community?
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Which facilities would you like to have access to as part of your membership?
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Which services would you take advantage of?
Community aspects I value are:
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A monthly membership would help me to create as I like and lower the barrier to access.  
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Would you be interested in becoming a member, or providing support to this project?
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Any other input, suggestions, or comments on the project are appreciated. 
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