WooTrade Promotion: Share 10,000USDT And Win IPhone 12 Pro Max
From 9:00 26th November to 23:59 30th November (UTC+8)

Sign up to join: https://forms.gle/X8rQy2Fnke1gsYBY7

Promotion I:Win an iPhone 12 Pro Max

During this promotion, participants who meet the requirements below can join the final lucky draw:

Trade 100USDT (or above) worth of Woo on daily basis;
Conduct WOO trading on each day of the promotion to complete a 5-days trading record;
Huobi will get the last BTC block hash value just before 9:00 30 November 2020 (UTC+8) to determine 2 winners. Each winner who is eligible with UID suffix that share the same consecutive numbers with the block hash value can get an iPhone 12 Pro Max (512GB).

Promotion II: Trade WOO to Share 2,000 USDT daily.

During this promotion, on each day, 1000 users who join this campaign and trade 100USDT (or above) worth of WOO can share daily reward, 2,000USDT worth of WOO.
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