Presence Seminar Survey
This survey gauges interest in attending and/or organizing a continuation of the Presence Seminar over the summer (May 16th through August 26th) and preferences between potential formats.  
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Would you like to participate in a 1.5-hour long seminar, our current format  (i.e., with a 60 min outside research talk followed by 30 min mingle time)? *
Would you like to participate in a weekly 2-hour meeting with: 30 min activity, 60 min meeting time for groups to pursue joint research projects, 30 min activity.  Activities could include: an open problem session, a get-to-know-you short talk on current research of attendees (does not have to be related to virtual events), half-baked ideas for which you'd like collaborators, a research talk by an outside expert on a recent result, a fireside chat with an outside expert, a talk dissection in which participants collectively watch a recorded talk (e.g., from CHI) and discuss it, etc. *
If you answered yes to either format, how many of the 14 sessions do you think you could attend, assuming the weekly meeting time works with your typical weekly schedule?  
If you answered no to either format, please explain why.
What do you work on?
What attracted you to the Presence Seminar?
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