A Vision for Tim White Way
As a member of the West Roxbury Community we’d like to invite you to help brainstorm exciting new uses for Tim White Way.

To create the most vibrant and welcoming resident and visitor community in West Roxbury, the West Roxbury Main Streets (WRMS) Design Committee is imagining multiple ways to enhance and enrich public spaces throughout the neighborhood on and adjacent to Centre Street.

One such space is Tim White Way (TWW). Recently named in memory of a well-loved community member, this space currently serves as a pedestrian passage between Centre Street, Roche Brothers, the Post Office and the Highland Commuter Rail Station. It is a quiet spot with large shade trees and three sturdy benches. The entrance at Centre Street has a kiosk where notice of community events can be posted.

This space has tremendous potential to be an even more attractive and inviting pocket park and a venue for community activities. A small group has been meeting to brainstorm ideas and is now seeking wide community engagement and new ideas.

Your response to the following questions will help us create a space for everyone!

Do you currently use the Tim White Way passage?
Tim White Way
Is the best use of Tim White Way as:
Kiosk at Centre Street
Do you look for community notices in the kiosk at the Centre Street entrance?
What additional materials would interest you in the kiosk?
Do you plan to/or have you used the new Blue Bike station on Tim White Way?
What ideas do you have for the enhancement and use of Tim White Way?
Please add any additional comments or questions.
Would you be willing to contribute financial support to a fundraising campaign with matching funds?
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