2017 Make & Do Crew Reader Survey
How did you first come across Make & Do Crew?
Do you: (select as many as you'd like)
Where do you go first to look for crochet + knit inspiration or new patterns?
How do you choose which crochet/knitting patterns you make? (Select most important two factors.)
What are you favorite type of crochet/knit projects? (Select as many as you'd like.)
I currently share almost exclusively crochet patterns and tutorials. Would you be interested in free knitting patterns and tutorials on M&DC as well?
Where do you usually shop for yarn? (Choose all that apply.)
How much do you usually spend on a crochet or knit project?
What are you favorite kind of M&DC posts? (Select as many as you'd like.)
Do you have any kiddos living at home?
What are two other blogs you enjoy?
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Do you have your own blog?
Do you have any burning questions for me? (Personal, business, creative, etc)
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