Car Qualification Rumble - Allowed/Not Allowed
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Cars and Equipment allowed at The Rumble at Thunder Valley

*Clones and tribute cars, restored gassers, rails, altered, super stock, hot rods, stockers, bikes. 1967 and older or shared body style with 1968/69
*Original, restored & unrestored race cars, barn finds
*Most front engine dragsters, does necessarily need to be original ’67 or older but needs to fit era.
*Rails and other open engine compartments: Vintage Injection and Carbs ok-Holley Snipers and other TBI's cover it with a hood and go to the open class.
*Open engine compartments: reproduction finned aluminum valve covers, intakes, scoops, gauges etc.
*Modern safety equipment, cage, helmet, belts, fire suites, modern scatter shields, slicks, drive shaft loops, other safety equipment.
*Thunder Valley TECH is the final authority on your cars safety readiness to race on their track.
*Vintage paint, or recently restored cars in the spirit of 1967.
*Crate motors, big blocks, after market 50’s/60’s design Hemi’s. Pie crust slicks – Hurst, Towel City, etc.
* NITROUS OXIDE Open Class only and 100% hidden. Vehicle must otherwise appear to be 1967 in appearance. Nitrous cars must keep hoods closed in car show area.
*Turbos: Open Class only. Turbo and its Plumbing must be concealed under the hood, covered and hidden. The exterior of the vehicle must otherwise appear to be 1967 or older in appearance. No visible Intake Air Horns. *Other Super Chargers: Open Class only, Pro Charger, screw and centrifugal type modern superchargers must be concealed and hidden. The exterior of the vehicle must otherwise appear to be 1967 or older in appearance during qualification and at the track.

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Not Allowed at The Rumble at Thunder Valley
Failure to follow the rules will result in the vehicle to be parked in the spectator parking, no racing, no show. *Correct 60’s styled wheels.
*Any Car that does not match the picture you submitted with pre-registration including wheels/tire combo’s. Tire/Wheel combos changed at the track must match the wheel and tire requirements previously mentioned. Have a question-Ask us!
*Cowl induction hoods, bubble, snorkel scoops that is not 60’s vintage style.
*Absolutely NO: Pro-street, pro touring, 80’s graphics, pastel paints, florescent paints, even if the car is 1967 or earlier. *Cars with lots of accessories that are not period correct in application or design.
*Delay or stutter boxes, or other electronic launch and RPM control UNLESS your car is in open class.
*Any modern engines such as the LS or Mod or late model HEMI engine unless under a closed engine compartment. These engines are NOT allowed at the Rumble in open hooded cars.
*Any raised white or yellow lettering on modern slicks MUST have the black wall out.
*No modern minibikes, carts, atv's (Newer than '72) cruising pit areas. Tow ATV's/UTV's- use it and park it, conceal it for photo purposes.
*Whining about the rules. If you must, you will awarded with the Gear Drive award!

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