Empirical Librarians 2015 Survey
How was Empirical Librarians 2015 overall?
In your opinion, how bad or good was the EmpLibs experience?
What was(were) your favorite parts?
Was EmpLibs15 worth the time, money, and effort that you put into it?
Regardless of exactly how much time, money, and work it was for you... was it worth it? Did you get enough out of it to be a good "investment" of time?
Should we do it again next year?
Would you advise us to hold an EmpLibs16?
If we do it next year, what would you like to see discussed?
Your answer
If we do it next year, what other suggestions do you have for how we can improve it?
Your answer
If we do it next year, we'll either have to include less (food, parking) or charge more in the registration. What do you recommend?
We had grant help this year that we probably won't have next year. What would you suggest we do as far as pricing and included "stuff"?
Any comments on your response to the above question? We'd love insight on the pricing/food balance.
ALL FEEDBACK WELCOME. We're really wrestling with keeping this accessibly priced but fun.
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What was/were problems in the experience?
Any comments, questions, explanations, or added info would be welcome!
Thank you for attending and for filling out this survey
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