NE GWiSE Co-chair Application
Please answer the questions below with a short paragraph each. After submitting your application, we'll schedule a meeting with the current co-chairs to discuss your interest in NE GWiSE and previous leadership experience. Please note: it is NOT required for you to have worked with us previously to apply. We just want people who are passionate about supporting graduate women across New England.
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School *
Department and Degree *
Anticipated Graduation Year *
Why are you interested in applying to be co-chair? *
What would be your main goal(s) for the year if you were elected co-chair? *
Why are you interested in joining the NE GWiSE Exec Board? *
In what capacity have you been involved in NE GWiSE? *
If you have held a leadership position for an NE GWiSE board or committee, please include an internal NE GWiSE reference who can speak to your experience. Note: it's not required for you to have been involved previously.
Please describe any previous leadership and/or event planning experience you may have. *
We do not require leadership experience but want to know how you have demonstrated initiative in the past. Relevant work could be through a lab, student group, community service project, etc.
Is there anything else we should know about you?
Feel free to include links to previous leadership work, references, etc.
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