RSVP to the 2019 Sustainable Resolution-- Drink Like You Live Here
New Years is a time to resolve to do better. Sustainable Bainbridge would like to offer a suggestion—resolve not to use disposable, single-use beverage containers in 2019!

This means no single-use coffee/beverage cups or water bottles. We’re inviting you to join us in “drinking like you live here” and bring your own cup! Take action to help reduce landfill waste, pollution and unnecessary use of natural resources.

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1. Get a cup that easily fits in your bag, bike waterbottle cage, or clips on to something that you carry.
2. Get a cup with a lid that really seals. That way a spill won’t make you quit. There are a few great options that either have nice carry handles on the screw top lid, or if you like a sippable cup there are set-ups with gaskets that seal well.
3. Get a cup that is insulated. No one likes a thin-walled cup that burns your hand. And as a bonus, when you get distracted your drink will still be the desired temperature when you get back to it.
• Get discounts for using your own cup!
• Has a real lid that prevents spills!
• Keeps your beverage warm or cold longer!
• Guilt-free drinking! You’re not creating waste or wasting resources.
• “I’ll have what’s on tap!” If you have your own container, every drinking fountain or faucet becomes a ready-made beverage at no cost!

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