Northfield Locker Request form 2019-20
By filling out this form you are agreeing to the following:

1. Only students who have submitted the form have a right to use the locker.
2. Students should keep only items necessary for school in the lockers (i.e. textbooks).
3. Valuables (money, jewelry, electronics, etc.) must not be left in lockers.
4. At the end of each school day, lockers must be kept free from food and trash.
5. Security of the locker is the responsibility of the student assignment to the locker.
6. Northfield High School is not responsible for theft, damage or vandalism of property,
including but not limited to personal property and textbooks.
7. Northfield High School reserves the right to search lockers at any time.
8. It is the responsibility of the assigned student(s) to keep locker clean and orderly.
9. Locker condition must be the same at the end of the year as in the beginning of the year.
10. Failure to clean out lockers at the end of the school year will result in a $25 fine.

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If in 9th or 10th grade, you must have a locker partner. Fill out your requested locker partner below, if left blank it will be randomly assigned. *
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