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I confirm that I wish to contribute to the work of the Technical Committee's Royalty Free Task Group:

I confirm that I have knowledge of the By-laws [1], Rules [2] and the Code of Conduct in Patent Matters [3] of Ecma International and any other policy documents that the TC may have and that I will comply with them.

I confirm that my contributions to the TC39 Royalty Free Task Group will be made in accordance with the terms of the Ecma International Royalty-Free Patent Policy Extension Option [4] and the BSD License alternative of the ECMA Software Submitter Contribution Form [5].

I confirm that I have the right to provide all contributions I will make, and if I am making a contribution on behalf of an organization, I confirm that I have the right to make this contribution on behalf of my organization and to bind my organization to the obligations below

I (or my represented organization) grant Ecma the irrevocable right to use, free of charge, all or parts of my contributions for the purposes of standardisation

In case the implementation or use of the resulting standard incorporating said contributions requires patents or any other kind of intellectual property rights that I (or my represented organization) own, I (or my represented organization) grant a license free of charge to an unrestricted number of applicants on a worldwide, non-discriminatory basis, and under other reasonable terms and conditions to manufacture, use and/or sell implementations of the standard.

I understand that I do not have voting rights in the TC and Ecma.


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