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Thank you for your interest in playing softball. We are always gauging interest in women who would like to play softball. Sign up here to join the mailing list and express your interest.
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Waiver Form: I, hereby understand, I individually assume all risk of injury or loss occurring, to either myself and/or individuals I bring as spectators, arising from my participation in the league and that the organizers (Sisterhood Softball) of the League, including, but not limited to, City of Mississauga, any affiliated sponsors, or any individual involved in the organization of the League are not responsible for any personal injury, including theft, death, or loss/damage to personal property that might be incurred directly or indirectly, to either myself and/or individuals I bring as spectators, as a result of my participation in this league. Furthermore, I understand that I will be held responsible by the facility and/or the organizers of the League for any theft, damage or loss of property caused by myself individually, or as a part of my team. Finally, I agree fully to abide by all the rules both stipulated and implied by the organizers and the facility managers with respect to my conduct in the league and while on any part of the property owned by, or in custody of, the facility. If conduct is contrary to the intent of the stipulated and implied rules, upon notification by the organizers, I fully agree to abide their ruled consequences with respect to my further participation. By completing the attached registration form below, I acknowledge and represent that I have read and understood the rules and this waiver. All participants must be 16 years of age or older. We will enforce an Islamic environment and has the right to cancel any registrations at their own discretion.
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