Petition to Counter H.R.3446 - 'Peace on the Korean Peninsula Act' - In Reality a Nightmare on the Korean Peninsula Act!
On May 20, 2021 Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) introduced a draft bill titled H.R.3446 - 'Peace on the Korean Peninsula Act.' It appears to be a harmless piece of legislation that seeks to achieve peace, allow separated family members to see each other, and facilitate communication between the U.S. and North Korea. However, on close examination, the outlined measures are best viewed as steps in a broader, ongoing effort by pro-North Korea supporters to remove U.S. forces from the Korean Peninsula and ultimately end the ROK-U.S. military alliance.

To prematurely declare the end of the war with a dictatorship that breaks its promises and throttles its own citizens’ freedom and human rights while threatening its neighbors with nuclear weapons will be a mistake. It will turn the Korean Peninsula into a battlefield, killing millions of Koreans – north and south. We cannot risk the bloodshed sure to follow from the reckless withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula. We saw this happen in Vietnam in 1975 and in Afghanistan in 2021. Furthermore, how can there be true peace when there is not even a single mention of the 100,000 North Koreans still held in prison camps against their will?

We are calling on all freedom-loving Americans to oppose the 'Peace on the Korean Peninsula Act.' We strongly urge the United States Congress to withdraw this bill and prohibit similar legislation from being crafted and introduced under such captivating language that hides the dangerous true nature of its misguided goals.

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