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As the full extent of the ecological and cultural destruction wrought by an economic system that values the pursuit of profit and endless growth over the welfare of humans and the biosphere becomes clear, we believe that people are more ready than ever to usher in something radically different. More and more of us are reconnecting to our hearts, to our communities, and to the earth, and committing to building a future that works for all.

The Good Work Institute is a non-profit organization in the Hudson Valley of New York that hopes to help turn this moment into a sustained movement by connecting and supporting the people, projects, and organizations that are leading the transition locally. To that end, we offer Hudson Valley non-profits, activists, and other agents of change tools, trainings, and connections to deepen and expand their good work. If you are interested in utilizing the Greenhouse to this end, please let us know about the details of your request in the form below.
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Just Transition
Finding its roots in the labor and environmental justice movements, Just Transition has been adapted and expanded by Movement Generation into a framework that offers “a set of aligned strategies to transition whole communities toward thriving economies that provide dignified, productive, and ecologically sustainable livelihoods that are governed directly by workers and communities.”

The work of GWI is focused in the following five areas (language adapted from Movement Generation).

Relocalizing most production and consumption
Retaining and restoring cultures and traditions
Driving racial justice and social equity
Democratizing communities, wealth and the workplace
Advancing Ecological Restoration

Further expansion and reflection offered by GWI here:
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Use of the Greenhouse for community based free events is free of charge. We happily accept any donation that you can make, which allows us to continue provide this space as a resource and supports the work we do. This donation can come from you or as a suggested donation from attendees. We are happy to discuss this in partnership with you.

If this is a private event, we rent the space on a sliding scale basis and will determine the fee in conversation with you.

If you are charging a fee for the event, we ask for a percentage of the income which we will determine in conversation with you.
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