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Kelly Lane Middle School offers a full staff of experienced private lesson instructors. These highly qualified teachers are specialists on their particular instruments. Private lessons offer each student the opportunity to study at their own pace. If students need extra assistance on fundamentals or if the student feels they would like to push forward into upper level studies, the teachers will take them at their individual pace and help to supplement their daily assignments. The lessons are $20.00 for approximately twenty-five minutes ($24.00 for oboe players-includes the cost of one reed per month). They are held in the practice rooms located within the band hall. Most private lessons are offered once a week during the student’s band class or catapult period, but some might also be scheduled before or after school.

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-Private lesson are usually 24-27 minutes long, once a week.
-Lessons are scheduled on a 'first come, first served' basis.
-Lessons cost $20.00 each ($24.00 for oboes)
-Private lesson teachers will contact you and set up a billing schedule and lesson time.
-If a student is unable to attend, they should communicate with their private lesson instructor at least 24 hours in advance.


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