Become a Harrogate Here To Help Volunteer
HADCA is a registered charity working all year round to support charities, volunteers and communities in Harrogate. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we are supporting people to help others and stay safe.

Over the coming weeks, support will be needed to fill gaps and look out for older and vulnerable people without family and friends to support them.

If you're over 18 years of age, healthy and not at high-risk (see NHS guidelines here:, you can sign up here to become a Here To Help Volunteer and help others in Harrogate.

The purpose of this form is to collect your contact details so we can match volunteers with service gaps and people in need and engage your support as a volunteer. We ask for your email address, phone number, name and address, along with some details about the support you would like to offer. We will store this information specifically for the volunteer response for COVID-19, in line with the HADCA Information Management Policy. You can read our Privacy Statement for Volunteers at

Thank you for your help.

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Your address (we are collecting this so we can see where our volunteers are based and can coordinate activities in specific areas) *
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What would you be willing to do? This is an initial list and it is not exhaustive. We ask that you only choose things you would be willing to do, although we understand your circumstances may change. *
Do you have any skills, work or volunteering experience that you think might be useful?
Please provide a photo or scan of photo ID such as your driving licence or passport by email to Thank you
Please give details (name and phone number / email) of 2 people (not related to you) who are willing to supply verbal/email references for you. If possible, include an employer, tutor, the Co-ordinator of any present or previous voluntary organisation with which you have been involved, or someone who has known you for at least 5 years. Reference 1 Name *
Reference 1 Contact number (if you're not able to provide a phone number, please provide an email address) *
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Reference 2 Contact number (if you're not able to provide a phone number, please provide an email address) *
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I agree that my personal data given by me may be held and processed on computer or manual records and may be disclosed to authorised team members of HADCA and other organisations involved in the Here To Help Volunteer programme, relating to my voluntary work. I understand that HADCA will not use this data for any other purpose but it may be necessary to share my basic contact details with a partner organisation in relation to a specific task. The information I have given is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that it may not be possible to reimburse mileage at this time. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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