Determinants of success. Global research on personality traits of startup CEOs.
*The project is being conducted under the supervision of Agnieszka Popławska-Boruc, PhD (Psychology, University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Sopot) and with the support of the infoShare Foundation.

Are there any common features of a startup CEO? Are there any universal competencies that drive the company's development? Do people who decide to run their own business have common values?

We want to answer these questions in the first edition of the study "Determinants of success. Global research on personality traits of startup CEOs”. We invite YOU - the person who sets the direction for the development of the startups' environment - to participate. Thanks to your commitment, we will not only understand what lies behind the success of a young company, but also initiate the process of defining a global startup ecosystem. If you decide to support us by completing the survey, you will be the first to receive a detailed report with applications and expert commentary.

For our research, we use four reliable and accurate psychological tests that allow us to conclude about the competences
and features that predispose to develop a startup successfully.

Please remember that there are no bad or good answers, and each one should be honest. Only this way we will be able to develop reliable and accurate applications.

The survey takes about 15 minutes. You can resign at any stage. All the answers provided will be confidential, anonymous and stored in a secure manner. Individual answers will not be shared with anyone, we will only be interested in aggregate data, the data will be saved without the possibility of identifying the person providing the answers.

I decide to complete the questionnaire and agree to store and process responses for purposes related to research by the SWPS University. *
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