Real Life Monopoly 2019 (enrollment for judges)
On the 19th of April (Good Friday) it is once again time for this year's Real Life Monopoly game!

Please fill in this form if you want to join the game as a judge. As a judge, you will keep track of the progress of one or two teams during the game. You will do this from the judges' headquarters in Nijmegen, together with all other judges, and lunch and snacks will be provided!

You need to provide your own laptop, since you will communicate with your teams mostly via web.WhatsApp.

The deadline for filling in this form is the 14th of April.
Would you rather join the game as a team? Then fill in this form:
What is your name? *
What is your phone number? *
Are you available the entire day (9AM till 10PM)? *
Do you use WhatsApp? Or do you have another preferred method of communication? *
In which language do you want to communicate with you team(s)? *
The commitee will provide snacks and lunch for the judges on April 19th, so please let us know if there's anything we have to consider when buying groceries (e.g. if you have an allergy or if you are a vegetarian/vegan).
Do you have any allergies or diet preferences ? *
Do you have any final remarks?
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