Committee Chair Applications
Hello Committee Chair Applicant,

Below you will see an outline of all Committees that will be present on the 2021-2022 District Board. Included are descriptions and a list of directives that you will work on throughout the service year. In addition to these, you will be responsible for setting your own goals specific to your position, being the subject-matter expert and liaison for clubs, Lieutenant Governors, and the Executive District Board, and serve those that need YOUR assistance.

To be eligible for a Chair Positions, you must be a Circle K member in good standing. You can apply for a maximum of THREE committees. All applications must be turned in by 11:55 p.m. on Friday, March 12, 2021.

Below is a brief list of directives associated with each chair position. If chosen for the position, you will get a more robust list. In addition, you will set your own extra directives and will develop new ones throughout your term that will help with this year's overall goal of growth.

2021-2022 Standing and Ad-hoc Committee Chairs are:

1) District Convention Chair - This chair holds this position is responsible for planning and executing both the a fall conference and District Convention (DCON). This Chair will maintain excellent communication with the District Governor, the Conventions Administrator, and other members on the District Board. The Chair will be expected to utilize a committee for the planning of the fall conference.

--> Determine what did and did not go well at the previous fall conferences and DCON and determine the causes for these successes and failures
--> Research what went well at other districts' conventions
--> Plan both a fall conference and DCON to be more effective than those of previous years (subject to change per state of COVID-19)
--> Utilize a committee to delegate convention planning, particularly for fall conference
--> Maintain contact with the Conventions Admin and District Governor
--> Work with other chairs to help plan workshops, the District Large Scale Service Project (DLSSP), and the promotional plan
--> Create and manage appropriate subcommittees (i.e., awards or decorations)

2) Kiwanis Family Relations Chair - This chair shall act as a liaison between CKI, Kiwanis, and the other Service Leadership Programs (SLPs) (Kiwanis Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, and Aktion Club). The Chair must be available from April 8-11 to attend Key Club DCON. The Chair will be encouraged to develop creative ways to improve Kiwanis Family relations within the District.

--> Start working on updating the new interactive Directory Map at the start of the new service year (April 1st)
--> Be available to attend Key Club DCON to facilitate the Key Club senior recruitment event
--> Plan virtual senior recruitment event after Key Club DCON
--> Highlight SLPs and provide resources regarding outreach and joint projects
--> Explore Kiwanis Family initiatives that were successful in other Districts
--> Communicate with Club Kiwanis Family Chairs to aid in creating events
--> Gauge District Board knowledge of the Kiwanis Family to better assist the Board and District
--> Attend and promote CKI attendance at Key Club Kick-Off Conferences and Spring Zone Rallies
--> Ensure that graduating Key Clubbers are receiving resources about Circle K International throughout the year
--> Collaborate with the Florida District of Key Club International Kiwanis Family Relations Chair and committee throughout the year
--> Create a subcommittee of members to aid in carrying out directives

3) Legal Chair – This Chair must be fully familiar with CKI Club and District Bylaws and District Policy Code and ensure that all are adhered to. In addition, the chair must become well-versed on Robert's Rules of Order so that all board meetings are run efficiently and legitimately.

--> Read and understand the Bylaws of the Florida District
--> Look for opportunities to revise the District Bylaws for better clarity
--> Explore the Bylaws of other Districts and see what may be incorporated to improve the Florida District
--> Prepare and distribute proposed amendments to the District Bylaws
--> Make a training PowerPoint to help those moderating caucusing sessions
--> Aid new clubs to create their Bylaws and established clubs in updating theirs
--> Resolve any contradictions between the District Bylaws and District Policy Code
--> Develop a PowerPoint that outlines the rules and regulations of House of Delegates and Caucusing
--> Create a subcommittee of members to aid in carrying out directives

4) Membership Development and Education Chair - This chair will assist all clubs in the district to maintain healthy membership levels, properly educate and induct new members, and improve the quality of club leadership to maximize club growth and member experience.

--> Aid in the development and implementation of Membership Growth plans for clubs
--> Explore the numerous guides that are provided by International and determine how they can be utilized and distributed on the District and club levels
--> Update PowerPoint and workshop materials and create script outlines for presenters
--> Create a list of initiatives that clubs can use to ensure membership retention
--> Work with the District Convention Chair to plan workshops for District events
--> Create a subcommittee of members to aid in carrying out directives

5) Membership Recruitment Chair - A focus of this year will be on recruitment. This chair will be responsible for ensuring that there are resources available to existing members that will help them recruit new members.

--> Create flyers, poster boards, etc. for members to print and present during tabling events
--> Look for tips and guidelines that may be present on the International website and distribute them via the website
--> Plan, purchase, and distribute recruitment kits to clubs throughout the District
--> Explore other Districts to see what recruitment tactics work for them
--> Communicate with appropriate members in clubs (E-board, recruitment chairs, etc.) to educate, provide resources, set goals, and answer questions
--> Update the Keys to College and CKI 101 PowerPoints in conjunction with the Membership Development & Education Chair for both Key Club Kick-off Conference and Spring Zone Rallies
--> Work with the Kiwanis Family Relations Chair to recruit Key Club seniors
--> Create a subcommittee of members to aid in carrying out directives

6) Public Relations Chair - This chair will create promotional materials and disperse them via social media outlets to make all members in the District aware and up to date on a fall conference, DCON, CKIx, and other District events.

--> Be ready to assist any District Board member in the creation of graphics for an event that they might be planning
--> Make confirmation packets for both a fall conference and DCON and have them sent out in a timely fashion
--> Create a promotional plan for both a fall conference and DCON in conjunction with the Conventions Chair
--> Maintain all District social media accounts and create interactive ways to engage with followers online
--> Create and manage appropriate subcommittees (i.e., webmaster for the website)

7) Service Chair - This is an Ad-hoc Committee Chair position who is responsible for ensuring clubs have the necessary resources and assistance to plan and execute effective, meaningful, and impactful service projects. This year’s Governor's Project puts service in the hands of the members, but that can be challenging for clubs. The Chair will configure creative ways to help clubs and the District plan and execute service projects.

--> Plan a District Large Scale Service Project (DLSSP) as seen fit
--> Work with clubs to determine the needs of their area through community analysis and help plan appropriate service projects
--> Plan a service event for DCON and the fall conference
--> Aid any club or individual with planning and executing a service project, including DLSSPs
--> Create a subcommittee of members to aid in carrying out directives

Remember, the application will close at 11:55 p.m. on March 12, 2021.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. You may only apply for a maximum of THREE Committee Chair positions. If you have any questions, please email Governor Selin Kavak at
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