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For over twenty years, the Library Improvement Fund (LIF) has ensured that McGill undergraduate students have access to the highest quality library facilities and resources. The fund, overseen by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) and the Library Improvement Fund Committee (LIFC), works to ensure that the McGill Library meets students’ most important needs. It is comprised of over a quarter of a million dollars, raised through student fees, and an equal amount matched by alumni donors each year.

The LIFC accepts proposals of diverse purposes pertaining to the following library branches: the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, the Rare Books and Special Collections, the Islamic Studies Library, the Education Curriculum Resource Centre, the Nahum Gelber Law Library, the Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering, the Birks Reading Room, and the Marvin Durchow Music Library. Proposals may be submitted by any members of the McGill community as long as the projects have a direct impact on the student experience of the undergraduate population.

The LIFC is available to assist with the development of proposals, and liaising with parties both inside and outside of McGill. For the Fall allocation period, submissions are accepted until November 29th, 11:59PM. Early submissions are encouraged.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Library Improvement Fund Commissioner at

Proposals are evaluated with the following criteria:
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