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Workmanship judging is for home made costumes only. Answering No does not disqualify you from receiving a prize. If you answer yes, an email will be sent with additional information, including a workmanship judging time on Saturday morning.
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Songs will need to be provided as a .mp3, .wav or similar file. No links will be accepted.
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Include anything for the Director, Emcee or Technical staff. This may include impairment of sight, difficulty walking, or if you have a Dalek and cannot get onto the stage.
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Additional Information for the Judges
Include workmanship details. Ex. the mask was hammered by you, the intricate lace was crocheted by you.
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Dress rehearsal is at 4:30pm on Saturday. You are required to attend in FULL costume. This is vital for you to have a run through with the emcees and technical staff. Final judging will also occur during this time. Please be on time and prepared.
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