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Zeus is the last individual she wants to see.

After a gruesome murder attempt, an immortal named Junipher retires from the dangerous game of relic hunting. She tries to stay away from the supernatural scene and let her body heal.

She has money in Pittsburgh, but everyone there wants her dead. So she agrees to a shady deal on a cruise ship to avoid her supernatural enemies.

Junipher is enjoying a glass of wine on the deck of the ship when the Greek God of Thunder emerges from a group of guests.

Even though Zeus wasn't involved in the murder plot, her relaxing retirement is officially over. Junipher returns to the city where everyone wants her dead to search for an ancient relic.

If you enjoy snarky urban fantasy with unique characters like a balding alpha wolf, an alcoholic guardian angel, an excitable dragonfly and fallen Gods, start this book now.

Covered in lava. Left for dead. Junipher is back.

Saved by her dragon blood, she barely survived and retired from the deadly game of hunting for relics.

When Lugh’s Spear—an item that has haunted her for centuries—is spotted in her old city, it ignites her inner fire.

The person who possesses the spear can’t lose in battle. In the wrong hands, someone could use the spear as a weapon of mass destruction.

Junipher must return to a city where everyone wants her dead. She’ll need to outwit fallen Gods and battle mythical beasts while fending off the ghosts of her past.

Can Junipher solve the mystery before someone uses the spear to destroy the world?

Fans of Shayne Silvers, Linsey Hall and McKenzie Hunter will enjoy this new urban fantasy series that features unique characters like a balding alpha wolf, an alcoholic guardian angel, a courageous dragonfly and backstabbing Gods from various pantheons.

Clear your schedule and start this book today.

Dark blood is hard to control.

Born from Gods, I lacked special powers. The Morrigan taught me how to steal magic. Pure and black magic run though my veins now.

My husband has been missing for over two hundred years.

I will find him, and no one can tell me otherwise.

I want to be inducted into the Celtic pantheon, but the Gods and Goddesses are holding out on me.

I’ve heard rumors that Lugh’s Spear is missing, and a war is brewing between the vampires and wolves in Pittsburgh.

If I can solve the escalating aggression and return the spear to its rightful owner, the Gods couldn’t ignore me any longer. Could they?

I always try to do the right thing and channel the pure magic. But it never seems to work out.

Dark blood is hard to control.

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