Endometriosis PND, Epilepsy Eczema PTSD Chill Out Chat with Cast of Anyone F’Coffee - Special Guests - Kirstin Stansfield, Lucy Shirley, Lara Parker, Diane Alexander, Fiona Thraille, me, and...You! 8:00 pm BST Sunday 14th June Your house and mine!
Please pop your email address below and I’ll ping you a zoom link a short while before the session on Sunday 14 June. Do download it or have a look at it beforehand and join with your webcam and or audio - up to you! Please pop any questions for any of the cast below too and we can have a good chinwag and start to support each other on our various journeys, share experience and....connect!!

Thanks so much for listening too. And do share with us below links to blogs, articles, or places other folks with endometriosis would find useful, and I’ll put them on the show notes to the eps on the Quirky Voices Website.

Sarah Golding
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Please pop here any questions you have for the cast / Kirstin / Lucy / Diane / Lara / Sarah especially, or topics you’d like to discuss.
Please record here any links to anything useful you have found useful, that we can share on the Anyone F’Coffee pages of the Quirky Website. Thanks so much!
If you have any thoughts on the podcast or feedback for us, please do put it here. Or if you have ideas for future eps, or what you’d like to hear about in the audiofiction segments or interviews, or people of interest you’d like to hear more from, please use this space for alllll of that. Thank you
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Have you heard much audio fiction before? Did you find that part of the episode useful? How? Why? Which characters stood out for you and why? Was the dialogue believable? Stilted? Just right? How was the balance of humour and reality? Any feedback welcomed to help me develop the writing side! Fanks.
Thanks so much for wanting to join us and help nurture some community! We do hope you’re having a good day - in so far as that’s possible with whatever you are battling with in these strange times x THANK YOU wholeheartedly for listening. I made this podcast to....be useful...and in an effort to get folks connecting with pals and other folks with the conditions you brave and battle daily. I do hope it’s been useful. Sarahx
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