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Some Background:

The RMIT Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Team was founded in 2013 as a means for RMIT students to gain experience in UAS design, development, research and operations. We have conducted a number of successful projects including developing and testing quadcopters with the US Navy in Rhode Island, developing systems with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) and flying quadcopters with the Australian Special Forces.

The RMIT UAS Team is an extracurricular team, meaning that its success relies upon members dedicating time outside of class time. The amount of time you dedicate is up to you and we don't want to adversely affect your studies. However please ensure that your selection of roles/tasks reflects your availability and let us know if you no longer have sufficient time available. In special cases credits can be earned by undertaking up to three courses, however these primarily supplement the team's extracurricular activities. The courses are (please check the course guide for pre-requisites):
- AERO2423 Aerospace Special Project (by invite only)
- AERO2464 Engineering Unmanned Aircraft Systems (available to all 3rd/4th year students as an elective)
- AERO2481 UAS operations (to be run in the first semester of 2018)

The RMIT UAS Team serves a number of purposes, including
- Undertaking funded research or development projects
- Educating students about the fundamentals of UAS design and operations
- Maintaining a fleet of unmanned aircraft to support undergraduate and postgraduate research projects
- Supporting UAS-related competitions and events (AMAV, IMAV, Avalon Airshow, Grand Prix, RMIT Open Days)
- Maintaining a work space for UAS-related projects (UAS Lab)

Undertaking real engineering work as part of an extracurricular team is one of the best things to put on your resume - we have testimonials from several graduates that their experience in the UAS team was a major topic of interest in their interviews (along with internships - which can also be obtained through UAS experience). In many cases their UAS-team-related experience landed them a job.

Drone Boot Camp:

From 1st July - 5th July our team will be hosting a tutorial session to teach interested RMIT students the fundamentals of UAS design, manufacturing and operation. Throughout this week students will be encouraged to design, build and then test fly their own multi-rotor quadcopters. This week will be a great opportunity to learn the basics of CAD, manufacturing methods, electronics, soldering, flying and regulations.

Places in this course are limited to max 30 students (first in, first served so please express your interest as soon as possible).
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