Innovation District 92 - Cohort 3
Deadline to Apply: 22nd April, 2020

Eligibility criteria:
- Age is just a number; maturity is a choice, thus, ID92 is open for all!
- Education is an organic necessity of a human being and our minimum requirement is Matric / High School graduate.
- There’s no limit to an idea, hence, startups from all verticals are eligible to apply.
- 48% of population of Pakistan consists of women. Women aspiring to be entrepreneurs are highly encouraged to apply.
- No pain, no gain! Startups that are not Lahore based must move to Lahore for the six months of incubation.
- Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway. Therefore, startups are expected to work on their product full time.
- High energy levels. The ID team is extremely hyper and fun! We're going to be hanging out together for the next six months so we need people who match our excitement and zest for life.
- Teamwork makes the dream work! Team must possess relevant core expertise required to build the product. We incubate up to five team members per startup. Minimum 2 team members.
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