Meditation, Mudra, Pranayama_002
Go to and enter your city and/or zip code in the “Locate a Labyrinth” box on the right-hand side of the screen. There are many in the greater Cleveland area. Make some time to visit and experience walking an actual labyrinth! Walk silently, with mindfulness. Remember the “heel, ball, toe” movement of the feet. If you like, add Prithivi mudra, or try walking with and without the mudra, noticing any difference. You have the option of using your handout to guide you throughout the practice. You also have the option to walk the labyrinth twice – once with the handout, once without (or once without and once with.)

After your labyrinth walk, write at least a paragraph about your experience. Did you experience that sense of will and purpose upon entering? Did you face that “am I doing it right or what should I be experiencing” feeling? Notice a time when your heart felt open and/or your intuition heightened. What thoughts or inspirations came to you? You may feel as though you would like to walk the labyrinth twice or even more. You may also feel as though you would like to repeat the experience on an additional day. Just go with that inner guidance.

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