Zealandia trip
Zealandia has a number of trails and places to explore. This will be a relatively unstructured trip - we may end up walking in a group, or people could split up and take different paths. Kiwi Ruby will cover the cost of entry, so if you're meeting us there please wait for the organiser to get there so they can pay for your fare!

About 2-3 hours will be plenty of time to explore the sanctuary. There is a cafe on site, but please bring some snacks if you're liable to get hangry! We do not have a set time that we are leaving together. The number 3 bus back into town runs every 15 minutes, so people can leave when it suits.

Please note that Wellington gets wild and windy and we will be outside the entire time, so dress accordingly!

Looking forward to seeing you there! 🦅🦉🐤

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