2020 PCO Board Ballot
Dear PCO members,

Please refer to the full nominee biographies document that was mailed or emailed to you regarding the 2020 board nominees. Please complete the form below to cast your vote by December 13th.

PCO’s Board of Directors is comprised of an Advisory Board and Managing Board. The Advisory Board has a maximum of seven members, including those who are PCO certified or otherwise have a conflict of interest with the organization. The non-certified board members comprise the Managing Board, whose members must not have any conflicts of interest and has a maximum of eight members. We have designated certified and non-certified nominees in the biographies.

Current Board Members whose terms have not expired do not appear on the ballot. Only new nominees and board members for re-election are included on the ballot.

If you have questions about voting, please contact Stacey Budd at sbudd@paorganic.org, or by phone at 814-422-0251. Additionally, we can connect you to any governance committee member listed below. Thank you very much for your consideration and participation in this important task!

Best regards,

PCO Governance Committee
Ron Hoover (Chair)
Bob Eberly
Luke Howard
Ross Duffield
Kristy Borrelli
Beth Gugino
Betty Harper

Advisory Board - PCO Certified
(Vote for no more than 2) - *Denotes current member of the board
Managing Board - not PCO Certified
(Vote for no more than 3) - *Denotes current member of the board
Voting Member Contact Information
To ensure an accurate vote, please provide your contact information below. This information is kept confidential in the PCO office and is not disclosed to candidates.
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