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Do you want your OERu course contribution(s) to be listed on the OERu website to profile your organisation on the course page of the OERu launch website? Please complete the form below.

You can nominate full courses or micro-courses. All course nominations must be available for academic credit at your institution. During Phase 1 of the OERu, credit will be restricted to the contributing institution (and individual articulation agreements as these evolve during Phase 1) You will also need to provide an indicative date for when the course will be available for offer. These will be listed on the website as "New" OERu courses.

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Url for institutional logo for use on the course page
(Please provide the url for downloading your institutional logo which will be displayed with your course listing on the website).
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(Provide a short title for your course. This does not need to be the identical name of the course on your official university calendar.)
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(All courses nominations must be linked to official credit at your institution. If nominating a micro-course format, you will need to nominate a complete set of micro-courses that contributes to "full-course" credit. A separate nomination is required for each micro-course, however you can stagger the launch dates for each micro-course.)
Level of course *
(Indicate the level of the course nomination. Where possible, the OERu is aiming to increase the inventory of first-year level courses.)
What is the indicative total learning hours for this course *
(This refers to the total notional learning hours for completing all activities, i.e. reading, learning activities and summative assessments.)
Duration of the course for cohort-based offerings in number of weeks
(Indicate the number of "teaching weeks" for a cohort-based courses for the teaching learning interactions but EXCLUDING the time required for preparing summative assessments)
Recommended hours of study and learning interactions per week (EXCLUDING preparation time for summative assessment)
(Indicative time for working through course materials, reading online resources and formative learning activities - As a bench mark, many distance courses require about 8 - 10 hours per week.)
Indicative time required for preparing and completing the summative assessment requirements
Will your institution issue a "certificate of achievement" (or equivalent) for this course for successful learners completing the summative assessment?
(This refers to issuing a certificate of achievement for formal assessment on a fee for service basis. This should not be confused with a certificate of attendance or participation. The "certificate of achievement" is formerly assessed for "non-degree" purposes.)
Will successful learners gain official credit towards a course/paper at your instituion?
(All OERu courses must carry credit towards a course/paper at your institution leading to a recognised credential on the books at your instituion)
What is the name of the course on your official university calendar for which successful students can gain credit for this OERu course?
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Please indicate the university credential(s) for which this OERu course can be applied for formal academic credit at your institution
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If this is a micro course, please specify the names of the corresponding micro-courses required for gaining credit for designated institution course.
(To be listed on the OERu launch website we require the names of the full set of micro courses required for the designated course(s) at your institution.)
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Course Description Sentence
(Used for the course summary display box. Write a concise sentence describing what students will learn on this course. Think about why the course is important i.e. motivation to click through and find out more.)
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Scheduled start date for next offering of an EXISTING OERu course
(Skip this question if you are submitting a new OERu course or converting an existing OERu course into micro format)
Approximate date of completion for NEW OERu course nominations
(This is an indicative date when learners can expect new courses to be completed. On the website learners will be able to signup for information updates on the course.)
What is the course about?
(Provide a short concise paragraph of what the course is about. Provide a high level context and why study of this course is important in the real world.)
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What will students learn?
(Provide a concise list of the overall course aims of the course)
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What's involved when studying this course?
(Provide a brief overview of the delivery format and high-level course schedule listing the main topics. You should provide the learner with a summary of what's expected for this course.)
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(Where possible we should minimise prerequisites. All courses would be subject to the institutional entry requirements and we should advise OERu learners to check these when considering a provider for summative assessment services. Pre-requisites may refer, for example to digital skills or suggest course sequences.)
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Who're the lead developer(s)?
(List the names of the lead academic developers who developed or assembled this course and provide a succinct bio sentence for each developer. Note that developers are not necessarily the lead facilitator(s) for the course offering.)
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Who're the lead facilitator(s)?
(OERu courses do not provide tutorial support services. Tutorial support is provided on a volunteer basis. However, each OERu course must assign a facilitar(s) to post email instructions to registered learners. Provide the names of the lead facilitator(s) and a corresponding bio sentence below.)
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Optional background information
(This is primarily for acknowledgements where, for example, volunteers from different institutions were involved in the development or the course development was sponsored by a third party.)
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