Your Data Year
We're doing an end/beginning of year survey to find out how data was useful (or not so useful) in 2016 and what would help you in 2017. Please take a few minutes to answer some short questions and we'll publish the findings later in the new year.
What data was most useful to you in 2016?
How did you discover it?
Did you publish any data in 2016?
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If you published data, how did you do it?
What would have helped you make better use of data in 2016?
What was your biggest frustration in using data in 2016?
What data would be most useful to you in 2017?
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You don't need to provide us with your details but if you want to discuss this further please let us know how to get in touch with you. We will only use your contact details for the purpose of this research.
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