SOLD OUT - Troop 2199 - Virtual Cookie Booth Sale
Due to our cookie booth being cancelled, Troop 2199 has an inventory of cookies available to sell. 🍪 225 boxes to be exact! 🍪

Help to satisfy your own cravings or even consider purchasing to donate to our frontline healthcare workers at hospitals and clinics -- we will help get these to them through the various efforts being made in Pelham to coordinate (we expect each healthcare worker to get a full box).

To comply with social distancing, please fill out the below form and we'll reach out to you via email to confirm your order and provide you with next steps including payment details (venmo preferred) to complete your purchase.

Note that cases of cookies have been in storage for more than 2 weeks, untouched by hands. Orders will be bagged in new plastic (by gloved packers) or will remain in the cardboard cases depending on quantity ordered.

We will do our best to be on top of all the orders and respond in real time. Orders will be first come, first serve. At any point we are sold out, we will reach out to you if it impacts you. We will also put a note at the top of this page and/or delete the cookies that have run out from the form below.

Any support is appreciated and our girls will be pleased that we were able to turn a 🍋lemony situation into a Lemon-Up sale.

Stay safe and sane!

Your scouts from Troop 2199
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Name *
Phone Number (just in case!) *
How would you like to get your cookies? (select all that apply) - all orders will be assembled by gloved packers *
SOLD OUT: Samoas (we have 44 boxes) $4/box
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SOLD OUT: Thin Mints (we have 41 boxes) - $4/box
Captionless Image
SOLD OUT: Tagalongs (we have 36 boxes) - $4/box
Captionless Image
SOLD OUT: Trefoils (we have 36 boxes) - $4/box
Captionless Image
SOLD OUT: S'mores (we have 24 boxes) - $5/box
Captionless Image
SOLD OUT: Do-Si-Dos (we have 20 boxes) - $4/box
Captionless Image
SOLD OUT: NEW Lemon Ups (we have 12 boxes) - $4/box
Captionless Image
SOLD OUT: Toffee-tastic - Gluten Free (we have 12 boxes) - $5/box
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If you have ordered some for yourself and some to be donated, just let us know which ones and how many boxes you want to donate. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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