American Ecological Engineering Society Student Poster Contest Judging Rubric
Please fill out the form below to enter your scores for the posters you judged. Each poster you score will require a unique entry. These scores and feedback will be shared with the students anonymously. Thank you for volunteering your time to contribute to this activity!
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Numeric Score for First Impression (max 5 pts)
Does the poster stimulate interest?  Is it well-balanced and visually appealing?
Numeric Score for Layout & Readability (max 5 pts)
Is it easily read? Is the content clear? Is the flow of information intuitive and easy to follow?
Numeric Score for Title and Author Identification (max 10 pts)
Is the title brief, informative, and descriptive?Are the authors and affiliations identified clearly?
Numeric Score for Statement of Objectives  (max 15 pts)
Are the objectives stated clearly and prominently?
Numeric Score for Methods & Approach (max 10 pts)
Are the methods/approaches adequately detailed, appropriate, and explained?
Numeric Score for Results, Findings, and Conclusions (max 20 pts)
Are figures and tables clear and captioned? Are conclusions put into a broader context? Please consider the status of the resarch project in terms of development and duration.  For example, a student who is beginning their program will be in preliminary planning/data phases while a student approaching defense will have complete data sets and interpretation.
Numeric Score for Other Components (max 5 pts)
Are citations, acknowledgements, other components adequate and complete?
Numeric Score for Presentation (max 20 pts)
Was the presentation clear, easy to follow?  Does the presentation demonstrate knowledge, ownership, and enthusiasm for the work?
Numeric Score for Engagement (max 10 pts)
Did the presenter answer questions well? Was the presentation engaging and thought provoking?  
Total Earned Score
Any other feedback to provide for the student?
This will be provided to the student after the event as anonymous feedback from judges.
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