Application: Engineer (Arduino+) {Temp}
Thanks for your interest in a position at Escape New Haven! First, please tell us some basic information about yourself here. Then we'll ask a few questions about your availability, experience, skills, interests, and ideas.

Please submit your résumé and (optional) cover letter, along with any portfolio items or links, via the document uploader at PDF and Microsoft Word files only, please; all files should begin with your last name (e.g. "Sutter ENH resume 2020.pdf").

Throughout this application, we will ask for links to examples of your past work. If you do not have an online portfolio, we recommend that you create a Google Drive folder now, where you can upload files and photos.

This application form has four (4) sections. If you wish to exit this window at any point before completing & submitting the form, be sure to save a copy of your responses first; your progress will NOT be saved.
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Depending on the quality of your work and our own financial position, there may be the opportunity for this to turn into an ongoing position, but we can't make any commitments right now.
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