ReNew Culture Camp Registration 2021
Thank you for registering for ReNew Culture Camp- we can't wait to be together with you this summer! Camp runs July 12, 2021 at 2pm (no early arrivals) to July 18, 2021 after dinner. You must send payment to hold your spot. If you have questions please email us at

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We will be setting up an google group before camp so that attendees can get to know each other, share resources, and start building community ahead of camp. It also serves as a great way to connect and debrief after camp. Normally we subscribe all registrants to the list. You can of course unsubscribe at any time.
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"Would you like to join us for the best part of the camp experience, AKA pre- and post-camp?"
"I've never enjoyed my sweat so much. Who needs a sauna?" - Myztery Joy

"I peed my pants, it was that good." - Marta

"I only come for pre- and post-camp. Because that is the best part of camp!" - David

We will have an amazing and productive time together, transforming the prior camp for our use during Pre-Camp, and then dismantling the magic to restore the placidness of Mountain Grove's more natural state during Post-Camp. There is nothing like the experience of working side-by-side with other New Culture campers and fulfill these essential pieces that enable camp to actually occur. And there will be play!

Note: For pre-camp, please arrive at or shortly after 2pm Sunday July 11th (Mountain Grove is a closed container until 2pm). Pre-camp runs until the start of camp. Post-camp runs Monday July 19 through Wednesday July 21. We will feed you amply.
What parts of pre- and/or post-camp would you like to join us for? *
Special food needs: *
Meals will be vegetarian and mostly organic, with vegan and gluten-free options. With enough advance notice, we can also accommodate many special food needs. In addition, there is space for people to store personal food, and a space where those with special diets can prepare what they need. Please let us know what food restrictions you have:
If this is your first New Culture camp...
If this is your first New Culture camp, we'd love to hear how you heard about this event and if you've participated in related activities (HAI, ISTA, tantra trainings, NVC, etc)
Special needs requests, concerns
Do you have any special needs (physical or emotional), requests for support, or other concerns that you would like to share with the organizers to better support your camp experience?
Are you planning to attend with someone?
Family member(s), friend(s) or partner(s)? Please tell us their name and connection to you.
What more would you like to tell us?
To support us in fostering an event that you will love and blossom in, we warmly invite you to tell us more about yourself here. What inspires you to attend? What would you most enjoy experiencing at camp? At the end of camp, what will be the things that you look back at having most loved? Since this is a co-created event, how would you most enjoy contributing to the co-creation?
Camp Registration Fee
The camp fee is a sliding scale: $900 - $485. This includes camping (you bring your tent etc.), all meals, and all program activities. We ask that everyone give an amount that is both generous and joyful.

If you cannot afford the bottom of the sliding scale, please contact us, we can usually work something out! Those who are able to pay at the higher end of the sliding scale enable us to continue holding these workshops in a spirit of generosity and inclusiveness.
Please choose the amount you will pay. *
Will you be bringing an RV or want to sleep in/next to your car? *
PLEASE NOTE: There are limited spaces and there is an additional fee of $5/day or $30 total for 6 nights.
Your spot is not confirmed until we receive payment. You can pay with a credit card via Square by clicking this link: If you are able, please consider increasing your payment by 3% to cover the fee we incur through this platform.

If you prefer, you can send a check made out to to ReNew Culture Camp LLC to ReNew Culture Camp, 5275 Fox Hollow, Eugene, OR 97405. If you want to pay with Zelle, please contact us so we can send you our bank info.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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