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Thank you for your interest in Edale Mountain Rescue Team.
Mountain Rescue in the U.K. is provided by highly trained unpaid volunteers. Application for membership is welcome from volunteers who must be over 18.
Prospective members will need to be fit and healthy to undertake physical tasks in all weather conditions have good hill skills and be competent navigators. It will also be necessary to have some technical rope-work skills and possess a valid first aid qualification. The team’s First Aid training is broader and more in-depth than most work place first aid, therefore a prior qualification or training is required. You must be willing to work as part of a team, live or work in close proximity to our prime operational area and be prepared to commit a significant amount of your time to the cause.
Suitable candidates are invited to an aspirant selection day where they will get a taste of life in the team. Not all candidates are selected but those that are will have a good idea of the work involved in qualifying as a full team member. If accepted a keen aspirant can be ready for assessment in about 18 months.
During the training period aspirants must attend a specified amount of team training and complete a modular training course. We train every other Tuesday eve and you will be expected while training to attend around 75% of those. On top of that requirement you will have to do other evenings and weekends to get through the training programme. You will also be expected to complete the Mountain Rescue Council Casualty Care Certificate in this time. This is a higher-level certificate, which covers the techniques and skills required to treat, monitor and evacuate a casualty in a remote environment. At the end of this period a weekend assessment, including overnight navigation and bivi, will test an aspirants skills, ability and teamwork to the full. Successful completion of the aspirant course and assessment (weekend) ensures full team membership and a place on the callout list.
In addition to acquiring technical rescue skills, a prospective member must realise that they will be joining a dedicated team of volunteers, where team-work is not simply an addition to the normal workload, but central to its operation. Working in a volunteer Mountain Rescue Team is highly rewarding and develops a range of skills, many of which are transferable to other areas of everyday life.
The details we ask for should not be seen as prescriptive, but are intended to give us as much information as possible about your outdoor background. Please add any additional information you feel is relevant. all information on this form will be treated in the strictest confidence.
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Navigation: You will be expected to demonstrate competency using map and compass as well as show sound skills in route finding and general hill craft before being considered for training.Can you navigate using map and compass, accurately and on time, in adverse weather conditions, to a?
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Ropework: You will be expected to demonstrate the tying and know the application of the following Knots before being considered. Bow Line, Figure of Eight, overhand. Can you competently demonstrate the above Knots? *
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First Aid: To enable you to complete the mandatory internal Mountain Rescue First Aid qualification, “Casualty Care Course” it is important you have a foundation level of first aid training. We ask that you have a current minimum 4hr first aid qualification.Appropriate Courses would include:British Red Cross – Emergency Life Support Course - St John Ambulance – Emergency & Basic First Aid CourseITC First Aid Ltd – Appointed Person Course - REC (Rescue Emergency Care) – Appointed Person Course If you have a similar current qualification (minimum 4hrs) provided by a different provider, please give details below.If you require any advice regarding suitable first aid courses then please get in touch. Do you hold a current First Aid Certificate? *
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