RMHS National Honor Society Peer Tutoring Program Request
Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

The National Honor Society of Red Mountain High School would like to welcome you to our peer tutoring program. In this program, you will be paired with an NHS member who will meet with you virtually on a weekly basis. It will be the responsibility of both parties to attend tutoring sessions, be prepared and be focused. Students participating in this program will be required to meet at agreed-upon time(s) for a minimum of 30 minutes weekly. If you do not show up to scheduled meetings you will be dropped from the program after two absences.

We are very excited to assist you this year at Red Mountain High School. It may take up to one week for you to be matched with an NHS peer tutor. Please feel free to contact Ms. Sweet via email - lmsweet@mpsaz.org - with any questions or concerns. If you have specific questions regarding grades and/or assignments please review your portal/Canvas and contact your teacher(s) directly.
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Peer Tutoring Program Contract
Student and Parent/Guardian:
We have read and understand the basic principles of Red Mountain's National Honor Society peer tutoring program. We understand that meeting times will be determined by both the NHS peer tutor and student with a minimum of 30 minutes weekly.

I realize that success in this program, although I'll receive assistance from an NHS peer tutor, relies upon me: my attitude, dedication and hard work. My parent/guardian and I are aware that I will be dropped from the program if I:

1) have two no-shows.
2) show disrespect towards my NHS peer tutor
3) do anything that is deemed inappropriate according to Red Mountain High School/Mesa Public Schools' rules and policies.

Student and Parent/Guardian:
Having read this contract, we agree to the contract as outlined above and acknowledge our agreement below.

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