Visions, Values and Aims.
We are reviewing our Visions, Values and Aims at Daviot Primary and would like to gather some feedback from our parents/carers.
Name of pupil/pupils in school *
1/ Did you see the new visions, values and aims poster during parents evening? *
2/Our vision is for the school community to work together to provide the highest quality learning experiences for all children, enabling them to attain and achieve their full potential. Do you think this is current and reflects what our school community is all about? *
3/ Along with the children, 3 key phrases have been chosen to base our values on. These include - We are READY to / We are SAFE/ We show RESPECT by. Are you aware of these 3 key words ? *
4/ Each individual value has been developed with aims to accompany them. Do you feel this is relevant and achievable? We are READY to - be proud of our achievements ; approach learning in a positive way ; always produce our best work ; use our next steps and targets to improve. *
5/ Do you feel this is relevant and achievable? We are SAFE - We celebrate differences; We support those who need help; We make others feel safe through positive relationships; *
6/ Do you feel this is relevant and achievable? We show RESPECT by - using good manners; taking care of our school and our local environment; valuing our community and its heritage; embracing differences and valuing different opinions. *
7/ Do you have any other feedback ? *
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