Volunteer with Guelph Little Theatre
Thank you for your interest in Guelph Little Theatre! Please provide us with some information about you and the types of things you would like to do for Guelph Little Theatre. Our Volunteer coordinator will review your information and respond to you via email.
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Policies and procedures
All volunteers must abide by the policies and procedures- specifically our policies on Harrassment, Child Protection and Privacy. The policies and procedures can be found at http://www.guelphlittletheatre.com/get-involved along with a pdf copy of the policy sign off form that every volunteer and member must complete and submit.
Next Steps
Our Volunteer coordinator will contact you within a few days with more information. You will first be invited to an orientation for new volunteers and then will be introduced to the heads of the departments that seem to be the best fit for your interests. If you have not heard from us in a few days, please email membership@guelphlittletheatre.com
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