Techsdale, Summer 2016: Application
NOTE FOR PARENTS: The form is addressed to youth applying for the program. So, if you're a parent/guardian applying on behalf of a young person, when it says "What's your name," please add his or her name instead. Thanks!

CRITERIA: This program is open to youth, ages 14-18, in and around the Rexdale neighbourhood. We have 15 spots available, and enrolment is first-come, first-served for applicants that meet the criteria. Notifications will go out the week of DATE.

EXPECTATIONS: The Techsdale program runs weekly from July 7th to September 1st, 5:30pm-7:30pm, at the Humber College North Campus. Your attendance is expected every week. If you have to miss a week, you'll need give us a heads-up, and catch up on your work outside of class (we can offer some help, if needed). Other than that, all we ask is that you treat your classmates, instructors, and guests with respect and civility. Which brings us to:

SAFE SPACE POLICY: We intend for Techsdale to be a safe and inclusive space, so we don't accept discrimination or bullying. Treat others not only how you'd want to be treated, but how they ask to be treated.

PRIVACY: Personal information is collected by Techsdale and will used in accordance with their privacy policy. It will not be shared with anyone other than Techsdale staff. Anonymized, aggregated data may be used in Techsdale's grant applications, presentations, and research.

If you're good with all of that, we're very eager to meet you!

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Documentary *
There may occasionally be media or filmmakers recording our program. Are you okay with that? (Choosing "No thanks" doesn't disqualify you from the program, so choose the one that is true for you.)
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