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THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL: Do you have any issues related to mental or physical health that you are being treated for that may or may not impact your dating and relationship activities? These would include addictions, diseases, disorders, or other challenges affecting your well-being. (Please note that we do not share this information with prospective matches. However, it is best to disclose these up front to us so that we can help you frame how and when you disclose to the person you're dating.
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Do you have any questions about matchmaking you would like our team to answer? (Please be advised that we strive to make our process clear and simple; if you have specific questions about dating or relationships that need to be answered in depth, we may invite you to a Dating Audit & Strategy Session (consultation) to address those.
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LAST STEP! :) Please send 2 photos (1 head shot + 1 full-body shot) identified with your name in the file name to suzanna@thedatemaven.com upon completion of this form.
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