Level 1 Sales Agent Application
Please fill out this application to be considered for the job posting: Level 1 Sales Agent

Position Description: Sales Agents market on behalf of Credit Boss Financial Services, LLC. This can include posting on social media, sending messages to prospects, and referring friends and family members for our services. You will NOT be expected to provide credit advice or conduct consultations. Sales Agents are paid commission per lead that converts to a paid client. There is no minimum time requirement for this position. Sales Agents must stay active & current on pricing, incentives, and marketing information. This position costs nothing to start and all resources are provided. Sales Agents also have the ability to be promoted to a higher sales positions with higher pay, benefits and hourly pay based on productivity and the amount of leads that convert into paid clients. Sales Agents are able to set their own schedule, and their income potential is endless. The more clients you convert, the more you get paid. Work as much or as little as you'd like. Come make money with us by earning generous commissions!

-Training and Resources
-Sales Agents Portal where you can track your conversions 24/7
-Paid Weekly
-FREE Credit Repair for you after 20 Conversions
(Over $750 Value)

-Positive Attitude
-Excellent Customer Service
Do you understand that this is a 100% COMMISSION based job? You will NOT be given an hourly rate. You will earn based on how many of your provided leads convert into paid clients. *
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