Voting ID/Voter Fraud Survey
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Do you know what voter fraud is? *
How old are you? *
Have you ever committed voter fraud? (You will be kept anonymous.) *
Do you know anyone else who has committed voter fraud (to your knowledge)? *
Has your local government, to your knowledge, ever suffered from voter fraud during an election or other votes? *
How hard do you think it is to commit voter fraud? *
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Very Hard
Do you believe that voter fraud is a problem in the United States? *
Do you believe that voter fraud has influenced national elections? *
How much of a priority do you believe the US government should place on preventing voter fraud? (No hyperbole, please. ) *
No priority, no money
Complete priority, entire federal budget
What kinds of actions do you think are effective means of preventing voter fraud? (Select all that apply) *
If Voter ID's are required, should the government provide these ID's free of charge? *
Who should pay for the creation of these ID's? *
Do you think that voter verification laws are discriminatory against minority and impoverished voter? *
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