Flutter Project - Freelancer

The application will be used to facilitate the work of field workers. The person going to the field will answer the questions defined by the application and add photos to the pre-defined control boxes. He will do this information form and photography for 4 different field types. It will be able to edit some previously taken photos with certain sticker-like structures. This data will be saved in the phone. As soon as the phone has internet, it will send all these field data to the servers with ready web-side and API structure.

The detailed document is ready and will be sent after the application.

Project Situation: %50 (API is ready)
Deadline : January 5


Minimum 2 years of experience in Flutter based mobile application development
Having previously done similar projects
Experience in Android or iOS
Experience with Mobile design patterns e.g MVVM, GoF etc.
Good knowledge of Git including Gitflow branching strategy
Experience interacting with REST based services
Understanding of software development life cycle
Strong knowledge of different architecture approaches
Knowledge of Dart programming language
Understanding of Flutter framework
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