Telefilm Canada Talent to Watch Application
AFCOOP is now accepting applications for another instalment of the Telefilm Canada Talent to Watch Program (formerly known as the Micro-Budget Program). DEADLINE for applications: Jan. 28th, 11:59pm

The Talent to Watch Program is a production opportunity for first-time feature filmmakers, with an emphasis on digital and online distribution models. More information on guidelines can be found at:

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Emerging Talent
All the key members (producer, writer and director) of the project must be emerging talent i.e. they must already have produced, directed and/or written at least one short film (i.e. 30 minutes or less) but cannot have previously held the same key position on a feature length film (i.e. 75 minutes or more). For example, if you have previously directed a feature film you are eligible to apply as a producer or writer (and visa versa). Additionally, producers who have previously produced one feature film that has received funding under this Program (formerly known as the Micro-Budget Production Program) will also be considered as emerging talent.

Describe how you meet this criteria:

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AFCOOP Membership / Alumni
The director of the project must be either a current AFCOOP member (Full, Associate or Lifetime), a recent graduate of the FILM 5 program (2011 and onwards) or someone who has been closely affiliated with the co-op (taken part in a training program, volunteered on a committee etc.). Note that producers and writers do not need to meet the AFCOOP Member / Alumni requirements. Please confirm your eligibility with AFCOOP prior to submitting your application (contact Martha Cooley at

* For the Indigenous Component it is not necessary that filmmakers be current members of AFCOOP or closely affiliated with the co-op, however teams must still meet the emerging criteria specified in the guidelines. More information on Indigenous self-identity, review Telefilm’s guidelines on their website.

Please describe how you meet this criteria:

Presentation Video
Please include a link to a downloadable Presentation Video (max 5 mins) that will:

- State the project’s working title;
- Identify the key creative team involved in the project and their individual track records (including samples of past work if applicable or relevant);
- Identify the genre, the type, and the length of the project;
- Provide a synopsis of the story;
- Outline the creative team’s vision/visual treatment of the material;
- Outline any other relevant information that sets the project apart (e.g.: confirmed appearance by an established actor, - successful crowdfunding campaign, relationship with VFX professionals or animators);
- Identify the target audience;
- Include 1 minute segment of the director's previous short films;

NOTE: the video must NOT include footage from other projects that are not the team's own work.

Link to Presentation Video (including password if required)
Please attach a PDF file of a Feature Length Script (or a script for one episode of a narrative-based web project)

Script PDF Upload
Support Material
Please attach one PDF file containing the rest of the required materials for this application. For more information on each requirement please see the Application Guidelines. If you are unable to upload the files to this form, alternatively they can be emailed to with the subject line "Talent to Watch Application."

The list of required materials include:

1. Synopsis of the project (max. 750 words) which includes the main story development and tells the basic story from beginning to end;

2. Director's Vision (up to 3 pages);

3. Promotion and Distribution Plan (up to 2 pages) - identifying the project's audience., and identifying how the team will find and access this audience;

4. Creative Team Filmography (writer, director and producer) - use template on the Telefilm website which will indicate training, education, experience, accolades, outline past projects and history of team collaboration;

5. Budget Top Sheet - use template on the Telefilm website;

6. Additional Information (up to 1 page) - any other info which sets the project apart (eg: personal connection to the story material, successful crowdfunding campaign, confirmed cameo by a well known actor, established fan base on social media).

Support Material PDF Upload
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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