Matilda Audition Form
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If you are in high school, will you be taking the ACT test within the months of September through November? *
Please list all conflicts you have with the musical rehearsal schedule. This includes the dates and times you will be missing. *
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Would you be willing to cut or dye your hair for the show? *
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Will you accept ANY role you are cast in? Please be honest. Remember, we like team players who are willing to take on anything. *
Are you willing to kiss on stage? (if you play a lead, you may be kissing) *
List any special abilities you might have such as tap dancing, fencing, playing a musical instrument, Gymnastics. (You must be VERY good at it and it must be something you are current on)
Please list any performance experience you have had from middle school till now OR please provide a resume when you come to the audition. (Resume is HIGHLY recommended)
What is your shirt size? *
Have you read the audition packet and looked over the calendar and understand the HUGE time commitment involved in being in the musical? *
Do you understand that you will be involved in the Fundraising for the musical? *
Do you understand you must maintain a 2.0 GPA and be passing all your classes (NO NG's) in order to participate in the musical? *
Do you promise to wear a mask at all times while rehearsing and following all safety protocols in place to protect yourself, and everyone else, from Covid-19? *
Do you understand that during dress rehearsals, live performances, and mic checks masks will not be required and we will not be performing with masks on. *
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