2018 AugSTEM Reference Form
The AugSTEM Scholars Program encourages academically talented juniors and seniors with financial need to enter programs of graduate study or employment in science, technology, or mathematics. The purpose of your recommendation is to help the AugSTEM selection committee determine which students would benefit most and have the highest probability of success in transitioning from their studies as STEM students to a related career.

The student requesting this recommendation is applying to the AugSTEM Program and has asked you to evaluate her/his academic, research and career ability. Your recommendation includes completing all of the prompts below and uploading a letter. Your letter of recommendation should address the applicant’s potential for success in the STEM workforce or graduate school and/or potential for growth in their remaining year(s) at Augsburg. It is particularly helpful if you include quantitative measures or examples in your assessment. Feel free to also discuss how the student might benefit from this scholarship and why they would be a good campus ambassador for STEM. Letters of recommendation are critical to the selection process. Feel free to contact Rebekah Dupont (dupont@augsburg.edu) with any questions.

We ask that all references be submitted by the application deadline of May 15, 2018.

Thank you in advance for helping us to assess this student’s promise by completing this form.

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