Forest Industry / Industrial Operator Survey
This survey is directed to the Forest Industry and Contract Equipment Operator Community in an effort to reach out and facilitate interest in providing assistance to IDL and respective Forest Landowners for support in wildfire suppression efforts. The intent of the survey is to canvas interest and participation in supporting IDL with fire suppression operations, to increase fire response effectiveness and improve protection of forest resources from unwanted wildfire.
Are you (please select one option that best describes your condition):
Do you want to participate or provide assistance to Idaho Department of Lands in suppressing wildfires?
If interested in participating in providing wildfire suppression assistance to Idaho Department of Lands, please describe how you wish to participate:
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Are you willing to invest time to participate in Wildfire Safety Training provided through Idaho Department of Lands?
If interested in participating in Wildfire Safety Training, how much of your time are you willing to invest in taking the training provided?
Idaho Department of Lands delivers its Wildfire Safety Training to cooperators through a variety of forums/ venues or delivery systems. Please provide your preference of how you would like to see Wildfire Safety Training delivered? ( Please select all that apply.)
Once you have initially completed IDL’s Wildfire Safety Training, how often would you be willing to retake this training?
Please provide your contact information for follow up purposes:
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