CDOT Transportation Research Problem Statement Submission Form
Submission of problem statements for consideration at CDOT has temporarily been turned off as we compile everything submitted as of 2/13/2024. We will resume this submission process in the near future and and won't look at anything until 8/12/2024 at the earliest. Contact anyone in the CDOT Research branch if you have further questions.

You can still work on a problem statement offline, you just can't upload it yet.

For answers to common questions about Problem Statements please see this FAQ. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Step 1: Download and complete the Problem Statement document

Step 2: Download and complete the brief PowerPoint presentation

Step 3: Rename these files using the convention:
PSXX-[Short Name]-[Agency]-[Author]
For example: PSXX-SPF for OnRamps-David Reeves-CDOT
(Research branch will assign a PSXX # later)

Step 4: Fill out this online Google Form, which includes space to upload the two documents.
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